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Message from the Chairman (Academy Alumni Association)

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Established in 2011, the Academy for the Talented strives to provide high school students with exclusive learning opportunities at the University of Hong Kong. Our goal is simple – to unleash the untapped potential our members have and to capacitate them to perform in each and every step along their careers.

To achieve our goal, our team of dedicated researchers and teachers alike work hard to give our members meaningful and enriching experiences. We also work hard to ensure the learning experiences we offer match up with the real-world narrative so members will be equipped with the required skills to excel, reach new heights and accomplish great achievements.

Our flagship summer academic programmes, covering all areas offered by the 10 faculties at the university, form the core of the Academy. On top of that would be ‘student chapters’ happening throughout the year that aims to build on the concepts acquired in the programmes, as well as opportunities for mentorship schemes, interview simulation workshops, academic competitions, overseas academic conferences, and more. Knowledge exchange is a key initiative the University undertakes at all levels, and we believe our programmes can rightfully supplement the conventional curriculum in high schools, giving our members an edge over others in today’s increasingly complex global dynamics.

By knowledge exchange not only do we mean learning, but also real idea exchanges amongst individuals, thereby igniting new inspirations and thoughts. That is why diversity is at the forefront of our talent recruitment process, such that our membership body is composed of members from every corner of the world. Here at the Academy, members have the opportunity to engage in contemporary discussions in a global context, and the learning environment itself is really a place that embraces differences and facilitates intercultural learning as well. The spirit of all-round education is to not neglect the minute and seemingly innocuous details within the learning space, but to realize and rationalize them.

I hope we have convinced our members by our action that if there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it would be that regardless of the circumstances we are being put under, learning and enriching never stops. Ever since the pandemic struck, our team has adopted innovative modalities to deliver seminars and events, from creating an interactive platform for campus tours to hybridizing laboratory sessions. Passion is the backbone that underpins all the work we do here, and it is also a quality we are looking for in those who wish to join us.

For those who are seeking to join us, please do not stop believing in yourself. Put yourself out there and be brave enough to take a lead. As for those who are already in this big family of talented young individuals, I call on you to utilize the experience you have gathered to take action, mobilize resources and to partake in meaningful youth activities in formal or non-formal academic settings. When given the opportunity to learn, we must cherish it, take the most out of it, and understand the importance continuous education has on us.

The Academy adopted big reforms and yielded significant steps in the last decade. As we stand at the juncture of welcoming a new decade here at the Academy, we will continue to deliver top-notch experiences for members to grow, and be constantly on the lookout for new opportunities for members to engage.

Ryan Kwok, MBBS III

Chairman (Academy Alumni Association)