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How to Apply Academy inspires the brightest minds

Talent Search

Step 1: Explore

Visit our website and check out our membership privileges to dive into the Academy as well as the world of possibilities we offer.

Step 2: Register

Talent Search enrolment will be from October 16 to November 16, 2023. Don’t miss out!

Please register an account at our application portal at

Step 3: Create Application

After your registration, we will email you a link for your access to our application portal. You can then create your application by filling in your personal and academic information. Please choose T2023 C Cycle then select programme code "ACT2024 : HKU Academy for the Talented (Membership) Self Nomination/Talent Search" under Programme Selection and fill in the application form to explain your desire to join the Academy. Kindly indicate areas of interest in your studies and state your extra-curricular achievements.

Step 4: Upload Documents

After filling in your personal information, academic qualifications, awards and scholarships, please upload the scanned copies of your supporting documents required for application. Here is the list of documents for your online submission:

  • your HKID / Passport / Entry Permit copy
  • your Academic Transcript / School Report (with English translation, if applicable)
  • your Talent Search Form listing out your extra-curricular activities and achievements
  • your Awards / Certificates in these areas: STEM, Innovations, Music, Languages & Debate and/or Community Services, Sports

Step 5: Submit Application

Click to check the box next to "I agree"  to confirm all information submitted is correct.

After submission, your application will be reviewed by our committee. We might invite you for a meet-up session. You can check your application status via our online application system.

Step 6: Join Us

If your membership application is successful, congratulations! We will provide you with the next steps to enroll in the Academy’s pre-university programmes. After your admission to the programme, you will be welcomed by our student ambassadors from HKU!



"As the first female foilist to achieve double gold in the Asian Junior Championships while ranking the 4th in the Local Senior Championships and 7th in the World Junior Championships, I am aspired to achieve academic excellence as well. The HKU Academy for the Talented Summer programmes have given me the perfect gateway to becoming a successful student athlete for HKU in the future by enriching my knowledge and insight."

Janelle Leung, St Paul’s Co-Educational College