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Academy Scholarship and Grant Scheme

Academy Scholarship and Grant Scheme

HKU Academy for the Talented offers varies scholarships and grants for members to join programmes and opportunities offered by the scheme or in collaboration with our partners. Partial to full scholarships and grants are available for members to join the Academic Programmes offered by the Academy scheme and HKU Facultie(s) which are listed below.

Faculty of Science (*Programmes below are offering half scholarships)
Explore Planet Earth, Its Hazards, Resources and Environmental Change 
Mathematical Laboratory and Modeling
MARTHA 數藝同行 
Techniques of Counting 
University Mathematics I 
University Physics 
Understanding stereochemistry with molecular models and 3D printing 

For the Academy Grant Scheme, it is launched to support underprivileged students. We do not want this group of members be disadvantaged from joining the programmes offered by the Academy because of the costs incurred. Students who can provide the following documents will receive the Academy grant if they successfully admit to the programmes or activities offered by the Academy, which is equivalent to a full programme fee waiver.  
•    For members receiving FULL GRANT financial assistance from WFSFAA Student Finance Office
•    For members receiving Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSS) from Social Welfare Department 

*Deadline for application will be on April 4, 2022 (HKT).