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About Academy inspires the brightest minds

About the Academy


Where Exceptional Students Prosper

Established in 2011, the HKU Academy for the Talented (the Academy) is a membership-based programme that brings together local and overseas students from diverse backgrounds. We serve as a bridge to connect outstanding pre-university students with HKU. Top students in secondary schools, from near or afar, are welcome to join us to maximize their intellectual potential.


Academy inspires the brightest minds

University education is out of reach for secondary school students. In response, the Academy was set up to let our exclusive members have an initial dive of the campus life through the provision of summer programmes. Best-known to be a knowledge-sharing hub, the Academy aims to bring together elite secondary school students from around the globe under one roof for exclusive networking and cultural interaction. We provide abundant opportunities for remarkable students to engage in productive and broad academic learning, enabling them to pursue intellectual enhancement, and further develop their potential and interests in a wide range of academic disciplines. Meanwhile, we emphasize the importance of personal growth, whole-person development and cultural fluency to cultivate all-rounded talents. Through our initiative, the Academy functions as a roadmap for members to identify their favourite academic disciplines and areas of interest so that they can dive deeper into them for future planning.

No talents should be left out

The Academy aims to eliminate financial barriers for talents to access learning opportunities. No talents should be left out due to any financial difficulties. Here are what we can offer:

  • There is no membership fee for Academy members.
  • As for any individual programme enrolment within the Academy, various scholarships and grants in collaboration with the Academy partners and HKU Faculties are available to eligible participants. The Academy Grant Scheme further supports underprivileged students (who are receiving CSSA or full grant financial assistance from WFSFAA Student Finance Office) with a full programme fee waiver.


Talented Indeed We Are

Through the aforementioned membership privileges, we deliver a holistic experience living out the following “ACADEMY” core values: