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How to Apply Academy inspires the brightest minds

How to apply

By Invitation

The Academy is a membership-based programme at the University of Hong Kong. Members are academically elite secondary school students from all over the world. Membership is by invitation. Selected secondary schools in Hong Kong and abroad are invited to nominate top ranking students for the Academy’s consideration. 

Talent Search

HKU Academy for the Talented invites secondary school students who are currently studying Form 2-6 in local curriculum, or Grade 9-12 from international curriculum and have outstanding performance or achievements in the following areas to join the scheme: 

- STEM (e.g., Mathematics, Science, Informatics competitions/Olympiad) 
- Innovations (e.g., Robotics or business competitions)
- Language and Debate (e.g. Writing Competitions, MUN, Mooting competitions) 
- Music (e.g International competitions) 
- Community Services (e.g awards received from Community services)

If you are interested to become our Academy members to enjoy the exclusive opportunities, please complete the TALENT SEARCH application form here*, and provide supporting documents to demonstrate your talents. (e.g. personal statements, awards and certificates) Your applications will be reviewed by our committee. A meet-up session might be required.

Please note the talent search this year has ended on May 31, 2021 (23:59 HKT); the next application will start on Jan 1 to Feb 1 2022.

*There is no application fee for applying to the Talent Search.  Please use the waiver code "NEWTOACT2020A" to waive the application fee of this Talent Search. If you will apply other courses, application fee of $50 will be charged. 

Membership Fee

There is no membership fee to become Academy members.