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Testimonials Academy inspires the brightest minds


The Academy for the Talented English Programme (ATEP)

“Thank you ATEP for letting me learn about the world I live in, even though I just stayed at home.”                        

Marissa Chan, St. Paul's Convent School, Hong Kong


"I've learnt more than just English! In every lesson, we discussed issues relating to the UN goals ​with classmates, tutors and teacher; at the end we will pick a research topic ​to present!"                                                                    

Thomas Chung, Shung Tak Catholic English College, Hong Kong


"It was an utmost pleasure attending this course with Professor Bilbow! Throughout the span of 10 weeks I gained a deeper understanding of the urgent issues present in our world at the moment and have picked up more communication skills to improve my articulation and expression of ideas. A sincere thank you to everyone that participated in organising this impactful course, would love to sign up for another one in the future!"               

Agatha Tsang, St. Paul's Convent School, Hong Kong



The International Symposium on STEM Education

"Seeing what will hopefully be the future leaders of STEM internationally organsie their ideas as high school students and present to STEM leaders in Hong Kong was an eye-opening experience"

“Everyone was so creative! We were all from diverse cultural backgrounds so each student’s input was different which made the project really good.” 

Loaah Eltemsah, AI-Glazaly High School, USA


“An exhilarating experience that I’ll remember forever, the Symposium’s quality lectures and high expectations really pushed me to my limits. From the high table dinner and joint programming sessions to panel discussions and group projects, during each event we engaged with fellow tech enthusiasts and experts from all around the world. With a shared passion for technology, my teammates and I instantly connected and remain friends to this day. With the help of my mentor who proved to be immensely knowledgeable in virtual reality and machine learning, I was able to finally integrate the openCV library to my image detection convolutional neural network after struggling for weeks. Our group successfully programmed a HTC Vive VR project with Unity, a language new to the whole team. The experience inspired us to proactively solve issues in our own communities.”

Choi Ching Lam, Diocesan Girls' School, Hong Kong


“The Academy has allowed me to further explore my interest in STEM-related areas, including scholarships for programmes to pursue my passion in medicine. I also had the opportunity to attend the International Symposium on STEM Education where our group used virtual reality technology to collaborate on and present artificial intelligence job-finding app Jobbo to a group of entrepreneurs.”

Jennifer Li Ding, ESF King George V School, Hong Kong


“It was truly a life-changing experience that I will treasure forever. I met like-minded students interested in STEM from many different countries and all walks of life. The AI topic was extremely interesting, the project we worked on was intellectually stimulating, and the speakers were great! I am incredibly grateful to the Academy for giving me such an opportunity and hope to have an equally meaningful summer this year.”

Alex Yu, Singapore International School, Hong Kong


“I not only learned to code but also met top students from different nations. In addition to improving my presentation and communication skills, the experience also helped me to better understand the importance of smart living.”

Mok Yan Ling, Chong Hwa Independent High School, Kuala Lumpur



Decacorn Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

"I met people who are amazingly smart."

Kenza El Gamra, United World College Maastricht​, Netherlands


“The high table dinner was utterly unforgettable.”

Chan Shing Hin, Wah Yan College, Kowloon, Hong Kong


“What I liked most about the camp was the opportunity to talk in front of everyone. It was real test of our ability to deal with pressure and the expectations of other people."

Max Fung, Yew Chung International School, Hong Kong



Nobel Week

"The Nobel Week is a program established by the National Society of High Scholars (NSHSS) which invites participants from all around the globe to attend a series of Nobel prize-related events and have face-to-face dialogues with the Nobel laureates. 

At the Stockholm University, I attended thought-provoking lectures conducted by top professors on topics such as philosophy and international relations. I also had the chance to attend “Nobel Lectures”, an enlightening ceremony in which this year’s winning laureates shared their ground-breaking inventions and astounding research. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I joined the ‘Nobel Week Dialogue’ where the world’s leading scientists, key policy makers and Nobel Prize winners had an academic discussion on the catastrophic water crisis. The Nobel Laureates were very inspiring, demonstrating steadfast dedication and persistence in their research. Empowered and enlightened to strive for my own aspirations, I was eager to promote the awareness of pressing global issues among my peers."

Jenny Lee, St Paul's Convert School, Hong Kong 


“How exciting to be surrounded by such brilliant minds! People who have made indispensable contributions within their communities. Some have established organisations to serve people, while others have found enjoyment in pursuing academic interests. It has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and has inspired me to discover my own identity and how I can benefit society.”

Christy Wong, St Paul's Secondary School, Hong Kong


“I travelled to Stockholm with students from the US and Japan to join Nobel Week in 2017. I felt inexperienced and conscious of my limited knowledge of world issues. The experience allowed me to see the world as a global village and realise my responsibility to connect and devote time to making it a better place. It has inspired me to further explore what I want to be.“

Wong Hau Wai, St.Paul's Secondary School, Hong Kong



Startup Weekend

“During the weekend I tasted the highs and lows of an entrepreneur’s life. I was very excited to be mentored by numerous entrepreneurs, especially Carson Yau, the founder of Reubird supported by HKU Idendron. The toughest part of the programme was receiving criticism and learning to accept our failures. Our initial idea was flawed so we started from scratch on the last day and ended up winning second prize! One of the judges walked us through each idea’s problems and suggested improvements. I never realised that launching a startup was so challenging. The experience will be the blueprint for me to pursue my dreams or even launch my own company in the future."

Duncan Chan, Sheng Kung Hui Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School, Hong Kong



Summer Programmes Scholarship

“I’m honoured to receive the award and represent my school. The scholarship scheme has removed the financial burden of applying for HKU’s summer programmes. I’m really looking forward to the mentorship programme. The opportunity will allow me to integrate myself into the HKU campus and truly experience the life of a medical student. The privilege has solidified my determination to get into HKU’s medical school.”

Owen Kam, ESF King George V School, Hong Kong