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HKU Life Story Prize

Applications will be open in this summer. Stay tuned.


"Fear and Hope: Tell Us A Story - Tell Us Your Story"


To encourage secondary students to write their Life Stories in these challenging times

As Hong Kong and the world are fighting against the epidemic and you’re studying at home, we want to hear your own stories, your personal stories, on overcoming any difficulties or finding surprises or mixed-up emotions you’re feeling in this special time. 

You may include the confusion for you or your family and friends; or any aspirations in your life; or just what it feels like for you to go through a day or evening now; or new habits you’re developing; or the contradictory feelings you have. 

Please refer to the awardee list for HKU Life Story Prize 2020. 


Category A:  Secondary 1-3/ Grade 7-9

Category B: Secondary 4-6/ Grade 10-12 

The Selection Committee will be chaired by Dr Page Richards, Chair of Creating Writing and Theatre, HKU Department of English.


1. Essay Awards - Winners can present their pieces at the HKU Black Box and their edited work may be published at HKU websites and publications. 

2. HKU Scholarships – Winners can attend HKU summer programmes.

3. Coaching on Creative writing - Winners will have the privilege in mid-May 2020 to attend an online and special Creative Writing Tutorial Web Session, guided by students or graduates of the HKU Creative Writing programme or the HKU Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. 

Writing guidelines for submitting your personal stories

1. Length

Your personal story may be any length, short or long. Each student can submit one personal story that will up to 1000 words.  We encourage various formats including poems, short stories, journals and etc. 

2. Font

Please be sure to submit your personal story in 12-font, whether Times New Roman, Cambria, Arial or any other non-cursive and clear font.

3. Line Spacing

Please be sure to submit your written work with either 1.5 line spacing, or double spacing. Also make sure that your pages are numbered at the top or bottom.

4. Multi-Media Options

You may also choose to submit a personal story that is multi-media: for instance, your written work along with a companion video/documentary not longer than 3 minutes.

5. Title for your Personal Story

Be sure to discover a title for your personal story, before sending to us. Your personal story has a “name” just as you do!