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AI Adventures: A Game-Based Learning Experience


Programme Information

Programme Name: AI Adventures: A Game-Based Learning Experience

Programme Period: July 29 – August 2, 2024

Targeted Audience: S4 – 6 / Y11 – 13 / G10 – 12

Programme Fee: Free of charge

Delivery Mode of Programme: Face-to-face

Programme Code: LSAI2024


Application Deadline: June 12, 2024

Programme Description

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now an integral part of our daily lives. In the digital society we live in, AI has become essential knowledge for future leaders in all domains.
  • This pro bono program aims to introduce the foundational concepts of AI to secondary school students through a game-based learning environment. It provides a practical grounding in AI and its applications, offering an immersive experience within one of the leading global gaming studios.
  • By adopting a game-based learning approach, the program offers students the unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge AI technologies, working with leading scholars and experts in the field. This hands-on experience will not only develop their problem-solving skills but also inspire them to become innovators in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.
  • Join us on this digital journey to explore the world of AI together!

Learning Objectives

  1. Eight major knowledge domains corresponding experiences
  2. One integrated project practice
  3. History of artificial intelligence
  4. Concepts of artificial intelligence
  5. Industry practice of artificial intelligence

Learning Outcomes

  1. Be able to have a clear understanding of the development history of AI
  2. Be able to master the basic principles of Generative AI and Battle AI
  3. Be able to apply the learned basic knowledge to specific scenarios in practice
  4. Be able to learn in advance how to apply AI technology in the gaming industry
  5. Be able to gain insights into how to apply AI technology to learning and future development

Required Material

Students are required to bring their own tablets for class.


Presented in collaboration with LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS.

LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS contributes pro bono course content and educational support.

LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS is a leading global game developer with teams across China, United States, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and United Arab Emirates. LIGHTSPEED STUDIOS has created over 50 games across multiple platforms and genres for over 4 billion registered users. It is the co-developer of worldwide hit PUBG MOBILE (co-developed with KRAFTON, Inc.) and the developer of the upcoming AAA open-world game, Last Sentinel. 

The Tencent Youth Development Committee is an inclusive platform aiming to foster youth communication. Leveraging Tencent’s rich resources in education, interactive technologies, innovation, entrepreneurship, and cultural initiatives, this initiative presents a variety of hands-on experiences tailored for young people. Its mission is to empower the youth through corporate support and act as a bridge connecting them with the opportunities of the future.

*The programme is subject to cancellation if there are insufficient applications.

*Disclaimer: Programme contents and formats are subject to change.