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HKU Legal Academy Student Chapters (LASC)


Legal Academy Student Chapters (LASC) is a ground-breaking initiative that aims to offer year-round workshops and seminars for equipping students with legal knowledge in the field of Law, and most importantly, letting them have a taste of authentic university education at HKU. Your school is cordially invited to join the upcoming information session and form student teams to participate in the programme!

1. Rationale and objectives 

LASC is a year-long programme offered by the HKU Legal Academy for the Talented and led by the Faculty of Law, HKU. The Government’s Intellectual Property Department is a supporting organization. We aim to spread legal knowledge and give members a taste of legal education, so that they can become responsible global citizens and make informed decisions in their studies and in everyday life. LASC is a legal and personal enrichment programme with four objectives as follows:

Knowledge acquisition

Our primary goal is acquisition and application of legal knowledge. Students will be able to LEARN essential legal knowledge, APPLY it, SHARE it with others, and show a conscious CHANGE in behaviour. LEARN-APPLY-SHARE-CHANGE can help students internalise their knowledge.

Educational decision

Participants will be able to meet law students from different programmes. At HKU, there are five undergraduate law programmes, namely, the Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Bachelor of Arts and Law (BA&LLB), Bachelor of Business Administration and Law (BBA(Law)&LLB), Bachelor of Social Sciences and Law (BSocSc(Govt&Laws)&LLB), HKU-UCL Dual Degree (two LLB degrees in four years) and HKU-PKU Dual Degree (two LLB degrees in five years). From law students’ sharing, participants will obtain useful information that helps them decide whether they want to study law and, if so, where and how to pursue their legal studies.

Expert advising

Students will be able to meet legal experts such as law firm partners, solicitors, barristers, judges, and law alumni who took part in international mooting competitions and who have studied abroad, and thus understand more about life in law school and career options for law graduates. 

Network building

Participants will be able to meet representatives from governmental or non-governmental organisations that specialize in Law and start to build a professional network. 

We hope that students will become KEEN learners after joining the programme. 

Key benefits of joining LASC

  • Engage in year-round workshops and seminars led by the Faculty of Law, HKU.
  • Gain Law knowledge and share it with other students amongst the school.
  • Participants will be cordially invited to join the Academy for the Talented as academy member upon successful completion of the programme's final project / competition.

2. Eligibility

All secondary school students.

3. Programme

The topic in 2022 was related to intellectual property law, but this year will are devising to add more components of law to the workshop’s content and structure. Property means all kinds of property including intellectual property (such as copyright and trade marks) as well as land (such as the flats we live in or the residential halls students live in). The programme covered copyright in 2022, which is one example of property, so this year students will continue to look at copyright and other types of intellectual or immovable property; it’s a natural continuation of last year’s topic. To give students a taste of tertiary legal education, we offer core (must-take) and elective (optional) modules as in a university degree programme. There are different schedules to suit the needs of final-year students (i.e. students taking public exams in 2022-23) and other students (i.e. students not taking public exams in 2022-23).

Key Dates:

  • February to September 2023

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at