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HKU Statistics Academy for the Talented

Poster [HKU Statistics Academy for the Talented]

Programme Date and Time: Aug 5 - Aug 9, 2024 (13:30 to 15:00)

Target: S2 - 4 / Year 9 - 11 / 2026 - 28 September University Intake

Venue: HKU Main Campus (TBC)

Programme Fee:  

HK$ 1,000* (Academy member)

HK$ 2,000* (Non-member)

*The programme fee includes tuition and teaching materials. Accommodation is not provided.

Programme Code: ACTSTAT2024


Application Deadline: July 28, 2024 (23:59) 


The world is highly complex and full of uncertain events. How can we formulate and answer questions when things seem to be so random? 

In this 5-day workshop, we will give you the practical experience of how to use the rigorous tools of statistics to address this question. You will learn the language of probability and its paradoxes, the causes and dangers of bias and how to predict the future and make decisions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss insightful and interesting observations related to probability and statistics in everyday life, such as Benford’s law and some paradoxes.

  • Introduce some common misuses of statistics and biassed sampling to demonstrate the importance of proper statistical design of surveys and experiments.

  • Offer students the opportunity to discuss and work in groups to gain experience in data collection through activities, games and competitions.

  • Show how statistics can help to make sound decisions.

  • Have students work on simple statistical simulations to experience statistical modeling and prediction.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to

  • Understand how statistics can play an essential role in daily life.

  • Be introduced to some probability and statistics paradoxes and misuse of statistical results.

  • Gain hands-on experience in data collection through interactive activities.

  • Learn how to make scientific decisions based on statistical reasoning.

  • Work on statistical simulation experiments to understand the ideas of statistical prediction and forecasting.


Selection and Result Announcement: 

All applications will be assessed according to applicants’ individual caliber and potential. Application results and payment details will be announced to successful applicants via email.


*It is our firm belief that no student should be denied admission due to financial difficulties. Grant is available for students who can provide supporting documents issued by the Student Finance Office for receiving a full grant of Student Textbook Assistance Scheme or documents from the Social Welfare Department for obtaining CSSA. To apply, please select the specific programme on the system accordingly.

Disclaimer: Programme contents and formats are subject to change.  We will continue to work closely with professors to refine our programme and ensure that students will have a safe and enjoyable time. Programme fees and application fees are non-refundable.