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Creativitas Tech X Music Innovation


Programme Name: Creativitas Tech X Music Innovation

Programme Period: July 12 - 13, 2024 (HKU) & July 15 - July 20, 2024 (MIT Boston) 

Target Audience: Ages 13-16 (Form 2-5)

Programme fee:  

USD$ 9,000 (Academy member)

USD$ 10,000 (Non-member)

Programme fee include:

• 20 meals are provided from 14th July 2024 to 20th July 2024 inclusive
• Offer diverse eating options emphasizing health, wellness, and delicious food! 
• Midi keyboard
• Sustain pedal
• Taught by accomplished MIT and Berklee College of Music faculty.
• Community Advisors, Course Materials
• Local accommodation, visits and local transportation
• Museum visits
• Local attractions in Boston
• Airport Transportation

  • Please note that students will bear the responsibility for the cost of flights to and from Hong Kong and Boston, as well as all other miscellaneous expenses.​

Students need to bring
• Laptop – Mac Preferred with fast internal SSD Drive
• USB microphone
• Wired Headphones
• Y Splitter Headphone jack


  1. Before submitting the application, please ensure that you can obtain a valid visa to the United States before departure.
  2. Please complete the programme application (link)
  3. Please complete the application and send an email to HKU Academy at to inform them that your application has been submitted.
  4. For scholarship opportunity: Selected Academy applicants from CREATIVITAS programme will be awarded to join other selected programmes free of charge
  5. Eligible students will receive further details of scholarship arrangement in the offer email.

Application Deadline:

  • For students who already hold US visa, the application deadline is May 5, 2024.
  • For students who need to apply for US visa, the application deadline is April 19, 2024. Please ensure that you have enough time to obtain a valid visa to the US before submitting the application.

Programme Description:

Hey there, young creators! Are you ready to dive into a world where your musical dreams meet the coolest tech? This isn't just any summer program. It's a journey where the genius minds of MIT, the music legends of the Berklee College of Music and the University of Hong Kong come together just for you! This summer experience is designed and taught by professors from the University of Hong Kong, MIT and Berklee College of Music. 

With the latest in music production, film music, video game music & sound design, and live performance technology, you'll discover you too can be CREATIVE and make ART. By engaging with technology you can start your journey by pushing boundaries and creating new and innovative music. You can be the next Lil’ Nas X or Billie Eilish - the ability to create is literally at your fingertips. Everything is possible!  

What’s more! You will have a chance to get acquainted with the MIT students who share the same interest, as they will be going through this wonderful journey with you in that week. Professors from MIT will also be your creative mentors in sparking up your imagination in Tech and Music.  

Parents, we've got you! We know you want the best for your kids. That's why we've teamed up with the best from MIT and Berklee College of Music to guide your young creators introducing them to an approach solidly grounded in STEM principles and concepts. They'll explore, create, and maybe even find their future education or career path in this amazing blend of art and technology.  

So, are you ready to be part of something epic? Immerse yourself in the cultures of MIT and Berklee College of Music, seize this opportunity, and prepare to be the artist of tomorrow, today.  

Learning Objectives and Results

  • Ideation Jamming with Professors from MIT, Berklee College of Music and more....  

  • Solid foundational skills to become a creator utilizing music technology  

  • Produce a song and record vocals. Release to social media as part of one’s personal portfolio  

  • Perform with interactive controllers  

  • Create music video game music

  • Score a short-short film

  • Confidence to pursue a meaningful and creative path built on STEM  

  • Preparing your journey to the top universities in the world 

  • Certificate of completion signed by Professors  

Programme Instructors 

This programme is led by Professor Evan Ziporyn from MIT and Professor Woody Pak from Berklee College of Music

Application Criteria

  • ESSAY 1 (300-500 words): 
    The intersection of STEM principles and artistic expression is at the core of the Creativitas Summer Program.  How do you believe this interdisciplinary approach will influence the future of music? 

  • ESSAY 2 (300-500 words): 
    Tell us about a time in your life when you felt a strong connection between technology and music.  How did that experience shape your understanding of music/technology, and what role do you see it playing in your future education and career choices? 

  • VIDEO UPLOAD: Please upload a video between 1-2 minutes and introduce yourself and tell us a little about who you are and your interests. Also, tell us what you are passionate about and how does that impact your community? 



For more information, please visit:


Co-organised by:

China Education Technology Investment Company Limited, UCode and The University of Hong Kong


*The programme is subject to cancellation if there are insufficient applications.

*Disclaimer: Programme contents and formats are subject to change.  We will continue to work closely with professors to refine our programme and ensure that students will have a safe and enjoyable time. Programme fees and application fees are non-refundable.