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CREATIVITAS Tech x Music Innovation - Scholarship Opportunity for Academy Members

Selected Academy applicants from CREATIVITAS programme will be awarded to join either one of the programmes below free of charge.


  • OPTION 1: Multimedia Innovation: Crafting Culture through Digital Storytelling, VR and AR

Embark on an exciting journey led by the Professors and instructors from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Hong Kong into the dynamic fusion of technology, cultural narrative, and cutting-edge educational approaches with "Multimedia Narratives: Crafting Culture through Digital Storytelling, VR and AR." This course incorporates the latest advancements in Web 3.0 and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education, offering an even richer learning experience.

Programme Period: August 5 – August 11,2024 

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  • OPTION 2: Introduction to STEM + Entrepreneurship Summer School

This camp emphasizes the development of core competencies in business planning and innovative thinking, central to creating a compelling Lean Canvas and a detailed Innovation Brief. This camp concentrates on nurturing the students' ability to identify and articulate viable business ideas within the scope of the competition. You will have the chance to meet and discuss with fund manager. This programme is led by Instructor Brian Lai from Alpha Quants and Instructor Choi Kwong Ho, Ray from UCode Asia.

Programme Period: August 5 – August 11,2024 

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