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Business Economy for Space Technology (BEST)

BEST Programme



“NewSpace”  interdisciplinary high school STEAM programme

Helping to provide possible solutions to Global Issues via a CubeSat initiative 

The HKU Academy for the Talented, the HKU Laboratory for Space Research and the Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (Hong Kong) Limited are collaborating to offer the first of its kind Space Technology initiative in Hong Kong, the Business Economy for Space Technology (BEST) Programme.​ "BEST" is a guided, STEM-based, hands-on and immersive, interdisciplinary educational experience with a strong entrepreneurial edge. It will allow students to unfold the unlimited boundaries of the NewSpace* and explore how a CubeSat** unravels solutions to global issues.

Perks for students joining this programme:
- Understanding how Space Technology and Space Data can generate a myriad of business opportunities for human beings
- Gaining authentic exposure to the NewSpace* era

- Being nurtured to become the next generation of Astropreneur***

Year-round workshops with guidance by mentors at HKU and industry professionals on:
Space ScienceEngineering and Astropreneurship
Concept of a CubeSat** and how to formulate a CubeSat** mission
- Project Management of Prototype Build and Deployment
Project Payloads – scientific and commercial

All Secondary Schools in Hong Kong (School-based Applications).

School Team(s) shall be formed under each school. Each school shall assign a School Teacher to be the school mentor and main contact person of this project.

Each team should ideally have around 6 to a maximum of 8 students. The school shall decide the composition of the team, including the number of students for each team, year of study. S.4 to S.5 students are the target groups for this programme. School-based Applications shall be submitted HERE by September 13, 2021.

The Online Information Session of the "BEST" Programme was successfully held on August 27. To revisit the online session, click HERE to view the playback.


The Programme is divided into two phases:

•   Fall Semester – What is a CubeSat? What can they Do? How to design a mission including the Presentation Phase​ (September - November 2021), each School Team will conceive, design, and present a CubeSat Mission Proposal in the form of a video.

•   Spring Semester – Build & Deploy Prototype Phrase (January - April 2022), each School Team will build a functioning CubeSat Prototype using commercial off-the-shelf components, deploy the CubeSat Prototype in a simulated launch, and present a Mission Report to a live Judges Panel.


Participating school teams are not charged any fees to participate in the programme. However, each School Team will be responsible for its own costs and expenses, including for any equipment associated with designing, building and deploying a CubeSat Prototype, such as computers, ground stations, transportation, data storage, and any other hardware and software.


Each school based project will be monitored, mentored and advised every step of the way by teachers and relevant members of the consortium. Final projects will be judged by both members of the consortium and external independent judges when selecting the best projects for awards. The principal selection criteria are below but encapsulated within an overall holistic approach:

  • Innovation and Creativity of the Proposed Project 
  • The Project's Commercial and/or Scientific Potential  (including a business model if relevant) 
  • Overall Performance of the Project Management Team 
  • Community Engagement including Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations (Social Responsibility) 
  • Technical Feasibility 


  • HKU Scholarships – Wining team can attend HKU summer programmes organized by HKU Academy for the Talented.
  • Internship opportunities at the the HKU Laboratory for Space Research


For more updated information, please visit the official website.  Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at or at 3917-5100.



“The University of Hong Kong has always aspired to cultivate and inspire visionary and creative future talents. Secondary schools will be invited to participate in this initiative. It is hoped that secondary school students can exchange ideas with professionals of Space Technology to design and produce a CubeSat and learn how to utilise Space Data to yield profitable business opportunities and plan the future blueprint for human beings,” 

Professor Bennett Yim, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and International Student Exchange of the University of Hong Kong



 “The HKU Laboratory for Space Research, is proud to be a foundational member of this exciting new STEM and Knowledge Exchange, Secondary School initiative. We encourage you to Become a space technology enthusiast; Explore the future Space Ecosystem; Stretch your Imagination and Train your mind to be the BEST it can be as you get to conceive, design and build your very own CubeSat,” 

Professor Quentin Parker, Director of the HKU Laboratory for Space Research



“Exciting new opportunities in space businesses are launching across the globe. This fun and innovative programme prepares students with a forward-thinking mindset and builds the students to be space-ready, entrepreneurial and equipped with practical skills to make the most of these opportunities.The NewSpace economy has arrived in Hong Kong; without the use and application of data from Space, Hong Kong will never be a Smart City.”

Dr. Gregg Li, Chairman of Orion Astropreneur Space Academy (Hong Kong) Limited

*NewSpace is a term coined to refer to the recent commercialisation of the space sector.

**A CubeSat is a miniaturised satellite for space research which is made up of a 10cm-cubic modules that can house sensors, cameras, and other instruments internally and externally. It can conduct a wide range of experiments or missions in orbit, including “space weather” monitoring, identifying, and tracking wild animal herds to gathering atmospheric data for terrestrial weather prediction, etc.

***Astropreneur refers to an entrepreneur in the aerospace and NewSpace sector.

Disclaimer: Programme contents are subject to change without prior notice.