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Nobel Week


Date: December 5-10, 2019
Eligibility: Academy members aged 16 or above
Venue: Stockholm University

Academy for the Talented collaborates with the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS), a distinguished academic honour society co-founded by Mr. Claes Nobel, a senior member of the Noble Prize family to offer the Noble week for our members. The Nobel Week allows participants to meet and have a dialogue with the Nobel laureates. Last year, two Academy members were offered scholarships to attend the Nobel Week 2018. This year, we will select four members to attend the Nobel Week.

Selection Criteria 
Candidates will be evaluated base on member's interview performance, latest academic results and personal statement.

There are two scholarships quotas jointly offer the Academy for the Talented and NSHSS to support your travel up to USD $1500 which cover the registration fee, airfare and accommodation.  Scholarship awardees will be responsible for your own excursions, transportations, meals (USD$60 per day), travel visa (if needed), and any other miscellaneous costs. 

Please apply by September 20, 2019 23:59 HKT  (ONLY if you are available to attend the entire Nobel Week) by completing the form via link. For the programme itinerary, please refer to the NSHSS official website. Students who need visa for travelling to Sweden, please check the visa application procedure in advance.

Your application details will be reviewed by the Academy for the Talented Committee. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview, which will be conducted through Skype in late September 2019.  The Academy for the Talented can provide a letter proof should you require it for your leave approval from your school.

Accommodation                                                                                                                           Generator (students who are under 18 cannot stay in any shared rooms, however they can stay in private rooms. If you're between 16-18 and want to stay in a private room alone, you'll need written consent from your parent or guardian.)

Nobel Week 2019

“It was such a great honour to attend lectures by the 2019 Nobel laureates in Physics, Chemistry and economical sciences, listen to their debates on current world issues in climate change, nuclear threats and public health with experts from around the world. Meeting great minds such as members of the Nobel committee was a phenomenal opportunity to not only ask them questions on groundbreaking topics they were experts in, but also at which restaurant they had had dinner the previous night and if they recommended I try a kanelbullar (Swedish cinammon roll) there!”
By Tecla Mafa from United World College Thailand International School

“Sitting in the grand lecture hall, being a part of the atmosphere of intense concentration and curiosity in the air, I wished nothing but to be able to one day stand on the very same stage, and tell the world about a discovery that can save lives. Then and there, as I listened in awe to the laureates’ speeches, I promised myself that I would learn from their dedication and steadfast determination, to ask questions and dare to persist on searching for the answer. These would be the proper attitude for a curious mind.”
By Yu Sheung Wing Serena from St. Mary's Canossian College

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