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Academy for the Talented English Programme


The Academy for the Talented English Programme (ATEP) is an English online learning programme designed by Professor Grahame T Bilbow, who has extensive English teaching experience. Prof Bilbow is also the author of many English textbooks for primary and secondary schools. The programme aims to enhance your English communication and language skills via learning from global and social significance topics.


Modules are designed for students who wish to enhance their English language and communication skills for academic study in a range of disciplines. In addition to developing their academic study skills and content language for academic study, the programme also helps students to develop essential skills for interpersonal collaboration and independent research. Modules help students to improve their ability to express complex ideas and concepts through English effectively and with commitment, and to do so in clear and error-free English, both in speaking and writing.  Modules also give students experience of collaborating with others in the investigation of topics of global and social significance.  Such knowledge, skills and attributes are essential prerequisites for undergraduate studies in today's universities. 

Teaching and learning platforms will be delivered online through synchronous virtual class meetings, and through asynchronous study drawing upon a range of rich online resources.  Students are encouraged to work individually with the support of the tutor and to collaborate with their peers in small virtual groups. All students develop a topic of personal interest which they need to research and showcase to other students through the medium of an end-of-course project.

Major topics include Cities Now and in the Future; Taking Climate Seriously; Life on Earth which are drawn upon the seventeen powerful and socially relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that are currently driving social and economic development around the world. ‚Äč


A weekly class on every Friday from 4:30pm to 6:00pm (HKT) with total 10 sessions will be scheduled starting on 9 October, 2020. Each student will have some independent project work resulting in personally-created objects and research-based presentations.

Course fees: HK$3200

Entry level: IELTS Level 5.5/6.0.

Exit level: IELTS Level 6.0/6.5.

Content level: CEFR B2 Upper Intermediate (Vantage-level*)

Please apply HERE by 30 September, 2020 at 23:59 (HKT).

Learning Outcomes

1. To develop and demonstrate the ability to communicate ideas effectively and with commitment, in clear and error-free spoken and written English.

2. To develop and demonstrate a basic understanding of topics of global and social importance, using a multi-perspective study approach based on readings in the Arts and Humanities.

3. To collaborate collegially with others in the investigation of topics of global and social importance.

Three parallel English courses

It is intended that the ATEP will consist of three parallel courses designed over a three-year period for students with an interest in developing their language and communication skills in preparation for higher education study in particular cognate disciplines.  The first year will be spent developing courses in English for the Arts & Humanities disciplines; the second, courses in English for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines; and the third, courses in English for the Health and Social Science disciplines.

Each of the three disciplinary threads of the ATEP will initially consist of two Modules, Intermediate and Advanced. The Intermediate Module will focus predominantly on the skills of understanding and applying knowledge, while the Advanced Module will focus predominantly on the skills of analysing and evaluating knowledge. Both Modules will also involve a measure of independent research study and creativity.

English for the Arts and Humanities:  Module 1 Outline

Block Focus Week Duration Summary of Content
1 Introduction 1 1.5 hrs 1. Discuss the disciplines in the Arts & Humanities and the importance of creativity in these disciplines/ 2. Understand the UN sustainable development goals that underpin the topics of the English for the Arts & Humanities programme/ 3. Become familiar with the contents of the Module.
2 Topic One: Cities Now and in the Future 2-3 3 hrs Introduce, practise and exploit language and communication related to the topic of Cities Now and in the Future.  Discuss some of the challenges of urban living, urbanization and migration around the world.  Conduct independent research, write a summary and evaluate alternatives.
3 Topic Two: Taking Climate Seriously 4-5 3 hrs Introduce, practise and exploit language and communication related to the topic of Taking Climate Seriously.  Discuss the causes and effects of climate change and efforts to mitigate climate change and adapt to global warming. Write creatively. Plan a project.
4 Student projects 6 1.5 hrs Develop and elaborate a project topic. Plan a written assignment and a creative object.  Plan a spoken presentation.
5 Topic Three: Life on Earth 7-9 4.5 hrs Introduce, practise and exploit language and communication related to the topic of Life on Earth.  Discuss endangered species, environmental crises, and marine issues.  Written summaries.  Design a campaign. Write an assignment.
6 Student projects 10 1.5 hrs Make individual, assessed 5-8 minute presentations, based on personal research and supported with personally created objects.