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Faculty of Science - Summer Programmes Academy inspires the brightest minds

Faculty of Science - Summer Programmes

Programme Date: June to August (Online Programmes; 10am to 4pm)

Target: S4-6 students

Fees: Half scholarships*

Registration: Please apply HERE* by June 1, 2021 (HKT)

*To apply for scholarships or grants, please select the specific programme on the system accordingly. (Deadlines for the following scholarship and grant applications are on June 1, 2021)

Programme Date; Fees* Course Description
University Mathematics I** June 21 - July 9; HK$4125 Calculus is a branch of mathematics that finds wide applications in science, economics and finance, engineering and many other areas. This is a first course in one-variable calculus
Understanding stereochemistry with molecular models and 3D printing June 21 - July 9; HK$4260 Understanding stereochemistry is of critical importance for students aspired to be chemists, molecular biologists, pharmacists, pharmacologists or physicians. Stereochemistry focuses on the study of the stereoisomers which have the same molecular formula but differ only in the spatial orientation of their atoms resulting in different physical, chemical or biological properties. Molecular Model and 3D printing help students to enhance the spatial perception of 3D molecules.
Techniques of Counting June 28 - July 16; HK$3300 Counting is one of the very first topics one encounters in mathematics. While the subject generally requires little prerequisite, it is so deep and broad that many elegant and surprising results arise. In this course we will study various techniques of counting, and look at some famous numbers arising from counting problems.
Mathematical Laboratory and Modeling** July 12 - July 30; HK$4125 This course introduces elementary mathematical modeling techniques. Also, a powerful and free software Scilab would be taught and used to study models in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology and Management.
MARTHA ζ•Έθ—εŒθ‘Œ July 12 - July 16; HK$1650 MARTHA, or “Math – Art – Abreast”, means “Mathematics and Art do something Abreast”. This program is for senior secondary school students to learn how mathematics can be used in creative way to produce art and magic. By means of a wide variety of hands-on activities and in-class performance, students will learn the underlying mathematical theory to create their own beautiful art images and design their own magical show.

Software such as GeoGebra will be used for the part on artistic design and as a means to facilitate the understanding of mathematical concepts.
Explore Planet Earth, Its Hazards, Resources and Environmental Change July 12 - July 16; HK$2750 The objective of this course is to provide a general understanding of our planet Earth and environmental issues. Through comprehensive online lectures, virtual tutorials, virtual field trips and interactive exercises, students will acquire knowledge about Earth System Sciences from various scientific perspectives. Students will come across basic concepts on Earth and environmental related disciplines and gain experience on scientific interpretation, which enable them to widen their horizon on their future learning development. An e-certification of completion will be issued to students upon completion of the course.
Introduction to Astronomy** July 19 -Aug 6; HK$5800 This is an introductory course on astronomy, including both the observational aspect of the  eld and a descriptive survey of the solar system, the Sun, stars, galaxies and the universe. Selected special topics such as neutron stars, black holes and dark matter will also be included.
University Physics** July 19 - Aug 6; HK$5800 This is an introductory, calculus-based physics course for the students who want to have an overview in physics at the university level. It covers mechanics, gravitation, oscillations, waves and sound, heat and thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, and physical optics. Conceptual ideas in physics are emphasized and the mathematical treatment is moderate.



























**6 Credits Programme

Disclaimer: Programme contents are subject to change without prior notice.