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HKU STEM Bootcamp on Data Science

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Programme Date: July 24-28, 2023

Target: S2-5 / Year 9-12 / 2024-27 Sept University Intake

Programme Fee: HK$3,830 (local students); HK$1,550* (for overseas students only; online mode) 

Grant*: HK$0

*To be qualified for overseas's student discount, students must present an updated transcript indicating that they are studying full-time in an overseas school for the academic year 2022-23.


Programme Information:

This is a 5-day flagship programme jointly organized by the HKU Academy for the Talented and Microsoft Hong Kong. It offers students an authentic experience to explore the latest trends in science and technology, and to think across disciplines for becoming a future global leader. Please visit the STEM 2022 website for more information about the previous programme. 

You will have an exclusive opportunity to 

·       Attend lectures and workshops conducted by prominent HKU professors and leading business leaders such as Microsoft

·       Visit the Bloomberg office with a networking session.

·       Work in groups to design a new concept, product, service or solution to achieve the goal of "Innovation and Transformation for a Better World" with the guidance from HKU project mentors and entrepreneur advisors via data science technologies.

·       Discover how to intersect and integrate disciplines to tackle global challenges or complex issues, with an interdisciplinary focus and a good understanding and knowledge of different fields including business, science and technology etc.

The event culminates in a group project presentation judged by academics and industry professionals. A certificate of completion will be offered to all the participants.

You may also

·       Receive scholarships offered by the Academy to attend HKU programmes, work shadowing experiences at Microsoft, Bloomberg and/or our partnered companies.

Awardee list for STEM 2021 can be found HERE.

*It is our firm belief that no student should be denied admission due to financial difficulties. Grant is available for students who can provide supporting documents issued by the Student Finance Office for receiving a full grant of Student Textbook Assistance Scheme or documents from the Social Welfare Department for obtaining CSSA. To apply, please select the specific programme on the system accordingly.  Deadline for application is on May 1, 2023.

Disclaimer: Programme contents and formats are subject to change due to the pandemic situation.  We will continue to work closely with professors to refine our programme and ensure that students will have a safe and enjoyable time. Programme fees and application fees are non-refundable.


Sharing from past participants:


“Teamed up with a group of talented students, we have achieved a great success, proving our 2-month effort paid off. Being the tech lead of the team requires me to learn new programming languages, C# and SQL; it also let me acquire the skills of the prospering IoT technology, thus encouraged me to explore the unknowns and fix the immaturity behind it in the future. This event is definitely a milestone of my life, which empowered me with knowledge of STEM and business of professionals.”                                                               

Cai Gen, King's College (Hong Kong)


“An exhilarating experience that I’ll remember forever, the Symposium’s quality lectures and high expectations really pushed me to my limits. From the high table dinner and joint programming sessions to panel discussions and group projects, during each event we engaged with fellow tech enthusiasts and experts from all around the world.”                     

Choi Ching Lam, Diocesan Girls' School, Hong Kong


I've never participated in a workshop like this. When I was introduced to my team members, I was amazed with the courses they took and the experiences they have had in high school. Despite only being high school students, we all have our own interests and specialization, ranging from: videography, computer science, business and entrepreneurial leadership. It was even more astounding during the final presentation, listening to the other groups' ideas and proposals. It was an honor to learn and work with so many talented and creative students, professors, and entrepreneurs. We are high school students, but we are competent to innovate the world.  

Ngoun Keopagnapech, Jay Pritzker Academy, Siem Reap, Cambodia


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